WazirX Warriors Event: Cryptocurrency Webinar

Note: This event is a part of the “WazirX Warrior program“.

As a part of the WazirX Warriors program, one of the warriors hosted a webinar, which covered the basics of cryptocurrency and blockchain. This was mostly attended by crypto enthusiasts and professionals, and they were keen on knowing about ‘decentralization’ and its probable impact in the future.

Some of the highlights from the event:

  • 68 people attended the webinar, of which the majority of them were professionals, having experience in blockchain or crypto industry.
  • The session went on for approximately an hour, and the queries were also answered towards the end of the event.

Check out some of the testimonials from the event:

Great session! It was really informative and insightful. I am thinking of investing in cryptocurrency soon.

– Kazi, Bhubaneshwar

The entire session on cryptocurrency was great, and this helped me understand how cryptocurrencies can transform the future.

– Deepak, Bangalore

Here’s a snippet video from the session, which talked about decentralised applications (dApps):

About WazirX Warrior – Shivam Jain

Shivam Jain is an Engineer and a crypto enthusiast, who’s passionate about creating awareness about cryptocurrency and blockchain, across India

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