Introducing WazirX Education Partner – The Blockchain School

We are excited to introduce our sixth education partner –

I had a long chat with the founder – Saurabh Sharma, and that helped me understand what it is all about and how it’s working towards education and employability.

I was thrilled to know that Saurabh started off as a blogger covering emerging technologies, including blockchain. From there, he networked with industry folks and attended various conferences. This is where he saw the gap between blockchain specialists and the market demand for those skills.

Saurabh decided to pivot and recommend courses as per students’ skills and what he calls ‘experience-based learning’.

After this approach, they acquired more than 3000 users for their platform by February 2020, and the current number exceeds 10K. 

They conduct courses for a batch of 30 at the moment out of 250 applications. These students maintain 100% attendance, where they receive daily resources, assessments, etc. 

Currently, is conducting a 30-day cohort for selected students, for which they are working on building decentralized Twitter

They plan to collaborate with the right blockchain tech partners so that the students can get a first-hand experience of the blockchain experts through guest lectures.

They also conduct blockchain seminars in various colleges with batch size up to 1000 students.

In the years to come, they want to conduct more live and interactive classes by market leaders.

About The Blockchain School

Started in late 2019 and launched in January 2020 publicly, is a specialized platform for educating the right set of people so that they can learn about blockchain technology. It revolves around building a community of serious blockchain enthusiasts by providing them with the best education possible. Blockchain is no more a trend, it’s more of a revolution.

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